John & Melanie Richard

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Lot 21

The story of Lot 21 Old Black Bear Woods is too long to tell on this web page. The short version is below.
We looked for a lot in the Canaan Valley area for months. We were negotiating for Lot 47 OBBW, but there were some serious issues that caused delays. Our friends Bob Drinko and Jennifer Neelen, who live in OBBW, tried to talk us out of lot 47. Finally, Bob took matters into his own hands, and called Bill and Sue Paini to see if they would sell us Lot 21. They agreed, and it was ours!!
We have 2 acres which slopes from Black Bear Trail in front (north) to the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge in back. There are lots of trees, and a very small stream. Bill and Sue's pond, just to the west provides a wonderful view, as shown on the Home page. To the east are our neighbors and new friends, Dave and Leslie.

A light snow fell in early December.

Mel & Jasmine on Black Bear Trail in the peak of Fall color.

Misty morning view.

Mel & Jasmine enjoy the view

Looking East

Trillium bloom in May

Looking toward Black Bear Trail from Prow

The creek is small, but sounds nice.

Rhododendron in late July.

The creek runs through a stand of hemlock.