John & Melanie Richard

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Siding and Trim

April 1st update:
Work started in earnest on the exterior siding and trim.

The trim boards were installed and spray painted Pine Island green.

Gary and Brandon work on the vertical siding...

... while Greg installs the lap siding on the main house.

The siding is fiber cement siding by James Hardie.

This photo shows the final color scheme. We will have lap siding on the main house...

... and board and batten on the garage in Timber Bark, with Green trim.

April 8th update:
Work on the siding and trim continued. Below you can get an idea what it will look like when it is done.

Brandon and Gary install the lap siding on the entry side of the house.

The battens are installed on the garage. Another coat of paint and its done!

May 26th update:
Work continued on the exterior siding and trim. It's getting close now...

Installing the siding on the prow takes a special effort.

... but it looks great when it's finished!

The parged basement walls get a coat of stain to match the siding color.

These lanterns grace the garage doors.

It's not siding or trim, but it's outside. The septic tank is in!!!