John & Melanie Richard

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Making It Home

July 5th update:
After 2 weeks away for fishing and work, John has been home since June 30. He joined Mel in working to make our new house into our new home. Here are some updates.

We installed wire shelving in the Pantry/Laundry...

... and organized some of our stuff there. We love it!!

Mel and her brother Scott collected and staged rocks for the rock garden.

The first flowers in the garden were donated by Leslie and planted by Mel.

Some of Scott's precious stones adorn the kitchen window.

Note the temperature and humidity in the photo above, which was taken at 4pm on July 4th!! The days are generally in the 70s (21C), and in the evenings it goes into the 50s (10C), and occasionally into the high 30s (4C). If you are living in one of those places where it is hot and humid, come pay us a visit!

Almost all of the art has been hung. Doesn't the living room look inviting?

On July 1st, our 29th wedding anniversary, we had our first fire.

July 8th update:
CORRECTION: The first flowers were a gift from Janet & Joe Hovious.

Soon Mel will plant the Gerber Daisy in the garden.