John & Melanie Richard

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August 5th update:
Now that we are moved in, and the weather is warm, we have started a few landscaping projects to dress up the outside of the house. Since the maple leaves have already started to turn red, we know that we have to hurry to beat winter.

Mel plants a red spruce in the yard next to the road.

Jasmine stays cool in the ferns that grow under the trees.

The Holland bell, a gift from our Dutch "daughter" Danya, adorns the covered porch.

By far the most ambitious project is a series of dry-stacked rock walls to terrace the slope in front of the porch. Eventually these will be filled with topsoil to make a place for planting lovely flowers and decorative rocks. It's hard work, but fun.

We have been gathering rocks and staging them along the driveway.

Mel is the artist in rock wall building.

The steps in the foreground are John's work.

The results. so far, are pleasing to us.